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Digital marketing agencies began to utilize the most commonly used platforms as a venue for brand advertising when social media gained enormous popularity. And with nearly two billion users who spend an ample amount of time on Facebook, it has reached the top of the hierarchy.

Since clients are always aiming to tap potential customers that can help maximize their business growth, enforcing white label Facebook ads has become a key player in digital marketing. A full-service Facebook Paid Ad campaign is now one of the best and on-demand PPC management specializations among numerous digital marketing services.

How Can White Label Facebook Ads Help Businesses?

These are campaigns done for you by qualified specialists. Whether it’s for your business or your client/s, this marketing strategy certainly has the qualities that will contribute to your success.


There is a large number of potential customers found on Facebook, which makes it a great platform candidate for online business marketing.


Strategical presence establishes a relationship between you and your customers. Exposure opens a connection, which later on leads to a series of communication about your brand and everything that you’re offering.


A diverse group of audiences is scattered all over Facebook. This vast community brings a lot of opportunities for all kinds of businesses or niches that want to extend their marketing strategies on social media platforms with white label facebook ads.

How to Build High-Performing Facebook Ad Campaigns

The social media destroys all fences that separate us because of culture, race, orientation, and other variables in our demographics. Because of the digital communities built on different social media platforms, everyone can share ideas, open up discussions, and nurture relationships without limits— of course, for so long as it does not promote any form or level of violence against another individual or group.

The global movement of social media freedom encourages digital marketing agencies to build high-performing white label PPC campaigns, specifically on Facebook. But how does this happen? The answer is easy, although the process isn’t exactly like eating a piece of cake. If you have a brand you strongly believe in, you’re off to a great start. Facebook ads management specialists can do the rest.

Targeting and Retargeting The Ideal Facebook Audience

It’s not practical to shoot blindly towards an ocean of Facebook users around the globe. Most probably, not everyone has an interest in your brand or services. Delivering white label Facebook advertising to the direction of an unresponsive audience is like throwing away time, money, and energy spent on the campaign.

The solution: Audience Research

Targeting the most receptive audience has a higher likelihood of driving sales to your funnel. It requires expertise to identify the ideal audience that mirrors your target market based on their demographics and location.

When the first attempt in identifying your market does not produce the results you’re looking for, you can reinforce your Facebook ad campaign through retargeting. It would be smart to reuse the conversion data to retarget a Lookalike Audience. This process can either prove or disprove your theory in having a specified audience in your niche.

Strategically speaking, narrowing down your audience increases ad engagement, generates traffic, and so it brings you closer to your goal of bringing in a more substantial ROI for your business.

Creating Demand

You have excellent products and services, and you have your ideal audience. So, how can you create demand for them?

Convey the right message that sells your brand and creates a necessity for it. There are ways to reach out to your audience. Usually, you’ll have to go back to the reason why you created your brand in the first place. This process takes work that, in the end, proves worth it. Because without demand, your offers stand next to nothing, the audience won’t get enticed, and the relevance score stays low.

Gathering ideas that resonate meaning to your audience will have them falling for your white label Facebook ads, which then smashes your campaign goals.

Generating Traffic

Creating location-targeted white label Facebook ads produce higher traffic results for your campaign management. So knowing the locations of your audience gives a better chance of inviting engagements and increasing click-through rates. This hyper-local targeting feature attracts audiences who are within your business geographic location. It also supplements the local marketing efforts of your custom Facebook ad management.

Running traffic to your marketplace introduces your brand to your audience. The more views you get from potential customers inflates your chances for sales conversion. It feels like such a win!

Fulfilling White Label Facebook Ads That Deliver Results

Heaviside Group offers professional services on white label Facebook ads management. We have a team of marketing experts who provide a customized approach for each client. The final goal is to deliver proficient results that you are looking for.

Our white label Facebook advertising services include:

  • Audience Research
  • Facebook Ad Copy Creation (Copywriting)
  • Split-testing Creative Ads
  • Facebook Ad Campaign Development
  • Targeted Facebook Ads via Audience Location 
  • Facebook Ads Performance Analysis
  • Facebook Ads Campaign Optimization
  • Facebook Ad Management Of Ongoing Campaigns


1. Filling-out of Intake Form

Clients fill out an intake form to provide all required information for the completion of the white label Facebook advertising campaign. You must include the geographic location of the target audience. Hyper-local targeting plays a vital role once the ads go live.

In this stage, all media files that the client prefers to appear in the ads may be added. We also allow clients to personalize the ad copy that can be advised on the form.

2. Building Facebook Ad Copy

Our team builds an initial ad campaign with four variations, which are sent over to the client for approval. These ads undergo split-testing before the launch preparation.

If the client requests for ads revision, we follow a quick turnaround protocol to finish the final campaign.

3. Setting Ads Live

Once the campaign is ready for launching, it’s time to turn on the white label Facebook ads.

4. Weekly Performace Updates

We submit weekly performance updates regarding the campaign. We keep track of the progress and list down a concrete and detailed summary of the campaign results for the week.

These reports inform the client of the movement of the campaign and suggest how the client should proceed with this marketing strategy.

Facebook Paid Ads appear directly on the News Feed of your possible customers. This outcome shows the importance of a highly-targeted audience who are interested in your product and your brand. Or else, they will just swipe up and leave your Facebook ad unnoticed.

Our strategic targeting is paired with compelling copy and relevant content that reaches a customized audience anywhere around the globe.

There’s only one thing you need to do: Set Your Goals. The remaining tasks are done for you!

How We Perform Better in White Label Facebook Advertising

Tailor-Fit White Label Facebook Ads Strategy

Facebook marketing has a different approach compared to other PPC campaigns. Rest assured that the Facebook Ads we build is 100% white-label, and follow the Facebook community policy.

We provide our best suggestions that coincide with your goals during the campaign management and development. Whether it’s for a service, a product line, lead generation, or a general e-commerce promotion, we design our ads according to the response that we are aiming to receive from your customers. To do that, we usually ask clients to specify what the customers are interested in and their full demographics. If we tailor-fit our approach in creating white label PPC campaigns, we can collect more engagements, which means more clicks, more landing page views, and more conversions (purchases or subscriptions).

Competitive white label Rates

“Services are delivered as described”— We aim for five-star reviews, especially in this category because we want our clients to get what they paid for.

It’s fair trade, and we want to show how passionate we are in satisfying clients who gave us their trust in delivering outstanding ads management services. We figured that if we give you a competitive edge when it comes to our service rates, you can come up with a better pricing strategy for your white label PPC campaign and maximize your profits.

Expert Facebook Marketing Team

Heaviside Group is an advertising agency enabled by a group of professional individuals. Our digital marketing team follows efficient and solution-focused work ethics. We show effective communication and collaboration of ideas that focus on the success of the clients’ business campaigns.

The advantage of outsourcing Facebook campaign managers/occasional account managers to help you lessen your costs. Facebook advertising services are not something you’re going to need within the whole year, which means you’re going to pay only for months that you require our expertise.

Ready To Achieve Your Maximum Potential?

Running a business isn’t a walk in the park. But we’re here to minimize your load in boosting your digital marketing strategies through white label Facebook advertising.

Start promoting your brand by improving your visibility in social media. Hand the task down to us, and we’ll spend our best efforts in bearing the results you have in mind.

If you can reach any audience that can help inflate your numbers, would you take the chance? Name your goals, and together we’ll make it happen.

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