Web Design and Development

We build you a website that gets traffic and then converts it.


Whether you need help creating a website from scratch, managing it on an ongoing basis, or upgrading the look and feel of your current one, our expert WordPress web team can get the job done for you! Your website is the basecamp of your brand.


Let’s help you put your best foot forward! No matter where people find you, they’re always going to end up on your website before they buy. We’ll make sure your website converts and gets the results you’re looking for when they get there.


You’ll be proud to own one that’s modern, responsive and demonstrates how trustworthy and professional you are.

Depending on the service you need, here are some of the things and more we’ll be doing for you.
  • A dedicated team of expert, experienced, in-house designers, developers, copywriters and project managers to take care of your website needs
  • A mobile friendly and responsive site
  • We’ll maximize your site’s conversion potential
  • 100% design & content customization

Use our Website Design Estimate Calculator to find out exactly what your new website would cost

“The new design, SEO implementation, and improved e-commerce service significantly increased traffic and sales. With daily updates and instant feedback, Heaviside provided world-class customer service. Their ability to guide ideas into concrete features was impressive.”

Matt Meisenheimer

“I needed a website built for my new business. I provided the content, let them know what style, feeling, and organization that I liked. And they just ran with it! They work fast, they respond fast, and they can do magic. I will definitely go with them again.”


“I loved it. I gave them a few ideas on what we were looking for, and they just ran! What they gave me in the end was a beautiful site. Thanks.”



Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I trust you guys, who are you anyway?

We’re a team of experts that serves clients all over the world–on 6 continents (I’m looking at you Antarctica). In fact, other agencies hire us to do SEO and AdWords/Facebook Ads management for their clients.

“It’s too expensive.”

You may have experienced what we call “agency ripoff pricing.” If you’ve been quoted $10,000 or more for a website, you’ve been there. Some websites do need to cost that much (or way more) — but for most business owners who want local leads, you don’t need to spend that much for your site.

“I can just do it myself.”

You can, but you get what you pay for. And it’s definitely not going to be bringing in any traffic for you.

“We see great results from TV, newspaper, and radio advertisements.”

If you have the budget for that and are not also investing in online lead generation you’re leaving a ton of business on the table.

“I don’t need a new website.”

Almost half of all small business owners still don’t have a website. But over 80% of potential customers are searching on the web before making a purchase. Look at your biggest competitor. Is their site better than yours?

“I don’t have the technical expertise or time to deal with this.”

You don’t need it. We take care of everything — including unlimited updates. Never deal with updating your website again!

“Our customers don’t use the internet to find us.”

I’ve never seen a business where that’s true.

“We had a website built, and it did nothing for us.”

Chances are that’s because the traffic generation wasn’t done. If you’re working with an agency partner and you’re not seeing more leads, you should fire them.
Let’s help you put your best foot forward!