On-page SEO

We offer three service levels for this gig: Basic, Standard, and Premium. The main difference between the levels is the number of pages we will do.

For all levels, we’re going to take your target keywords and perform a deep analysis of your competitors. Each page is going to get a custom report based on the top 10 most relevant competitors who are competing for the keyword you want to win. We’re also going to separate out the top three or four as a distinct group - this will allow us to see any outliers in the data and make sure we are making the most solid, data-based suggestions we can.

Our report is going to contain recommendations for modifications to your pages - from the number of certain HTML signals and the content of them to keyword densities. Then, once you approve, we’ll make those changes to your site for you.



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On-Page SEO – Basic

Full on-page SEO for 5 pages

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On-Page SEO – Standard

Full on-page SEO for 10 pages

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On-Page SEO – Premium

Full on-page SEO for 15 pages

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8 months ago

thank you guys for a great job

9 months ago

Great. It took longer than planned because I had some technical issues with the way my site backend. Communication was handled well throughout.

12 months ago

Heavisidegroup takes the "heavy" lifting out of the mix for marketers and designers looking to optimize their website's search engine results performance.

1 year ago

thanks again for the work, will be ordering again

2 years ago

Seller was great to work with, the final product was amazing will be back!


First, we’re going to assess your target keywords and make sure they are the best choices for the pages you want us to focus on.

We may recommend alternative keywords based on the difficulty for ranking for the ones you provide.

Once we’ve settled on the right keywords - we begin our assessment. There are over 500 known or suspected ranking factors that Google uses to decide which pages to show in the results. It’s not feasible to optimize for all of them, and even if you tried, some are contradictory.

Google also does not directly tell us which ones matter for a certain keyword query.

However - they do give us the results, and thanks to math we can determine from them which of the factors are statistically most likely to be relevant.

We run the statistical analysis - and based on the results, make specific recommendations regarding what needs to be optimized to compete with those top pages.

After we run our analysis, we’re going to end up with a spreadsheet that looks like this:

We’ll send these over to you for review - and if they look good to you, we’ll go ahead and make the changes on your website for you (up to 10 per page).