Your site needs backlinks to compete for difficult keywords. This gig is designed to provide high-quality, targeted links to improve your rankings. We work with a group of blogs and webmasters to bring excellent results. You provide us with the anchor text you’d like to see and the web page you want the link to go to. We’ll write the content and get it placed on the best fit available.

Please note we cannot share the website URLs prior to purchase, however, we are happy to share the site metrics. See them here:

We test every website that we allow into our network-- they must allow a test article that positively impacts rankings before we will work with them. No garbage PBN sites or trashed domains will be able to sneak through.

One of our in-house copywriters will write a 600-word, SEO-optimized article for you, and we will place a link in the content with the right anchor text to achieve your goals.

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Guest Post

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$375.00 / month
$625.00 / month


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We find great websites across all industries and topics to get links back to your site. Our webmaster partners all run real websites, like this one:

Here’s an example article:


We only allow quality sites into our network - and our definition of quality is that links from it cause rankings to increase.

Our process tests for exactly that.

First, we choose an “exact match anchor” which corresponds to the keyword we want to track. This keyword should be one the test target site is already ranking for. We record the ranking position of the target site for that keyword.

We then place an example article with that exact match anchor on our test source site (the one we want to add to our network) and monitor the ranking changes for that keyword on two different trackers. 

We check the changes after two weeks and after one month. Any keyword that shows a rankings increase during that time is considered “passed” and the source site joins our network.

If a keyword stays in roughly the same position or decreases, we retest that test source site with a different test target site.

If that site fails again - we look more closely for any issues we might have missed (like over-optimized anchor text), but unless we find something that could be affecting the test results the site is rejected from our network.

That means any site in our network has gone through a rigorous testing process to ensure you get what you pay for - improved rankings for your target keyword!