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E-commerce custom-designed website, up to 10 pages

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43 reviews for Web Design – Standard

  1. philmccuiston

    Awesome as always!

  2. danduenas

    Awesome experience. We had a site that no other fiverr developer wanted to touch and they were able to execute. Heaviside was responsive, professional and engaged throughout entire process. Will be using them on future projects

  3. thekeezdesign

    Great communication, very informative, the detailed intake/ Inquiry process made getting this project completed smooth and efficient. Will definitely use again.

  4. mjancosek4

    I loved it. I gave them a few ideas on what we were looking for, and they just ran! What they gave me in the end was a beautiful site. Thanks.

  5. cedes33

    Awesome experience. thank you so much I really appreciate the great work. I absolutely love love love my website!!!

  6. ieatburgers

    I needed a website built for my new business. I provided the content, let them know what style, feeling, and organization that I liked. And they just ran with it! They work fast, they respond fast, and they can do magic. I will definitely go with them again.

  7. cedes33

    amazing, amazing, amazing. the team is very good at what they do. They brought my vision to life. Genius work and I appreciate the professionalism, and the great customer communication. I will definitely recommend them to all my friends and I will work with them again:)

  8. elirob1

    I have nothing bad to say about this company. They take their time and make sure the customer gets what they ask for. They also have good recommendations as it relates to your site; to help you out. I would use them again.

  9. paul4ku

    Easy to work with, very happy with the final product

  10. karlhour

    Best team I’ve worked with so far. Great communication and even better product. Couldn’t recommend a better web dev team. Heavyside Rocks!!

  11. timothyjoshua88

    Far exceed my expectations. Perfect website!

  12. paulking541

    Communication was not up to scratch at the start but improved significantly during the rest of the process. Delivery was significantly longer than expected but some of the delay was on our side.

  13. sandeepdhanyam

    Great customer service. Everything was completed as expected.

  14. kmillerwebsrl

    Same standard of service as always, i’ve used them before and I will definitely use them again! Great work guys!

  15. strengthshaman

    Very professional service, diligent follow-ups and able to implement the changes we talked about. I’m can’t say enough how happy I am with the end result! Thanks very much!

  16. heathp123

    Excellent to work with! Designed exactly as I asked. Look forward to working with them more in the future.

  17. cedes33

    Thank you once again I am a very satisfied customer!!! I appreciate the awesome work and I will be working with you again on another project. thanks

  18. cedes33

    I love working with Heaviside:) Great customer service, very professional, and open to changes. I appreciate everything and I will definitely work with the team again. My website is beautiful:)

  19. kmillerwebsrl

    We needed a website for our new brand and we needed it on a very short deadline. Heaviside took it on and delivered what we wanted! It was great working with them and we will work with them again.

  20. samuelct

    Thank you for the awesome support and wonderful work. Has been looking for some one like you for some time

  21. pppester

    I wanted to work with a professional and this company was truly professional. The website they built for me is exactly what I wanted. I would highly recommend them.

  22. spsdogs

    I bought this gig to have a website built for the non profit dog rescue I volunteer for. SeniorPawsSanctuary.org and the site has turned out great!

  23. cedes33

    I love working with this team:) they always bring my vision to life and I appreciate everything so much. thank you everything is awesome

  24. hcfd854

    Don’t bother going anywhere else. These guys are great.

  25. karlhour

    Thank you!

  26. sophieclapperto

    Heaviside was great. They were very prompt in their replies and completion of the work. They handled everything for me, which was very helpful. When we ran into some issues with my email account, they did everything to fix the issue. I really appreciate how much they valued customer service.

  27. timelessmedia

    The work took a bit longer than expected, but it looks great. At the end of the day, that should be what matters: end results. Communication was the reason why I chose to work with them, they completely understood what our goals were. Their design of the website was awesome! I did experience a bit of delay in response from them, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re doing multiple assignments. Overall, I would highly suggest this group. They definitely work with excellence! Bravo team HeviSideGroup!

  28. homerunveer

    Amazing developer, 10/10 cant wait to work with them again

  29. shellm911

    Very Helpful implementing items needed/wanted to update my word press website. They were on time and great to work with. Would use again!

  30. marcusortega142

    Good communication. Completed the project very nicely!

  31. errolx1

    Heavyside was patient with us as we have no computer skills whatsoever. They would advise and accommodate our ideas. the only small issue was the culture differences ie: US ‘Lawyer’ and UK ‘Solicitor’ but other than that they are good and move you along at a pace you can obtain the best value for money.

  32. rafaelgs1

    Great customer experience!! Experts in the field!

  33. folash

    Working with heavisidegroup is working with pro and psychologies as well. They are patient in taking you through all you need to know about website. I’m happy they work on my project. Thanks guys.

  34. rafaelgs1

    Great experience!! Returning customer!! These guys really know their web design and will not rest until you are 100% satisfied!!!! ;)))

  35. alandesk4

    My project was difficult and I just had an unrealistic timeline. The website took about 2 months to be built but I’m very pleased with the result. Thank you Heavisidegroup!!

  36. shellm911

    So helpful!! Great to work with and explained everything throughout the process.

  37. rafaelgs1

    Great communication and skills.

  38. alebaticci

    The team was really professional and straight forward. They implemented my design easily and improved it a lot on their own. I can only recommend to work with them!

  39. errolx1

    Working with Heavyside felt like that the design of the website is done by the customer and Heavyside will convert to WordPress and migrate to the internet

  40. timelessmedia

    They did a fabulous job, but it took longer than planned.

  41. robcookkc

    Great job!

  42. nrtbk2015

    Despite a LOT of hiccups on my end, they pushed through and got exactly what I needed done. Very patient and great communication.

  43. tinabeezy

    I have a podcast and this is the first team that was able to provide what I needed to have a pretty and functional website. This was the best experience with a web designer/developer!! They were communicative, they were prompt, they were courteous, professional, and much more. I have two other businesses and will DEFINITELY use them again.

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