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Full site SEO Audit with recommendations – and custom written plan

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With this audit we will crawl your website and uncover the on-page issues that could be holding you back. We?ll check: Technical Issues ? including indexing, nofollow, bad header tags, load speeds, security and more. Structure Issues ? including bad internal links, redirects, canonical errors, redirect loops, and more. Content Issues ? including thin content, duplicate content, poor keyword optimization, and more. You’ll receive a thorough report, detailing the issues and problems that need to be fixed, custom written by our expert SEO team. It’s massive — averaging 50+ pages! See a real example report here:

50 reviews for SEO Audit

  1. dustin2015

    Seller was awesome. From communication to project completion, job well done!

  2. wolfsbanek9

    The process has been simple on this first gig as I had hoped it would be. The work was described accurately and the final report is very in-depth yet simple to understand and the tips for fixing issues with the SEO are wonderful. I think I have finally found an an SEO provider who delivers quality work on time.

  3. lucashuizinga

    Thanks for prompt delivery.

  4. fleurelizabeth

    Very good service

  5. love2butterfly

    Order was delivered as promised. Quite pleased!

  6. brendanbarnhill

    Brilliant work, time after time. Thank you vert much.

  7. nexxtep

    The report is top-notch and love the white-label aspect.

  8. visualscope

    Great job.

  9. brendanbarnhill

    Excellent work as always. Love your work Mike & Team.

  10. citymarket2015

    very good communication, detailed report and useful info! thanks!

  11. brendanbarnhill

    Excellent work (as always)

  12. brendanbarnhill

    Outstanding seller, high quality work, great communicator, very accomodating. I will order again.

  13. aryservices

    Well i have opted for them because of their ratings and now I have got a detailed report and its look good atleast now i got a point from where we can set our SEO in a direction.

  14. peterldavies

    Great work, Excellent report. Will use these guys again.

  15. pixelbrands

    Fast work – delivered well – thanks

  16. mjmoore10

    Very professional and helpful. I would highly recommend this service.

  17. kleissner

    Detailed report with individual analysis and explanations of steps to take

  18. peterspann88

    Great – delivered as promised.

  19. cryptocian

    Great report, actionable tasks, and superb communication. I highly recommend this seller.

  20. julissa1

    Accurate assessment with concrete steps to take for improvements.

  21. shonduty

    Seller was delayed on delivery, but the product was worth the wait

  22. ionthescene2

    Great work!

  23. benweatherbee

    Communicated very well and promptly. Thorough report. Very helpful and patient.

  24. stateofk

    Working with this seller was pleasant. I received what I expected to receive and the seller promptly answered my follow-up questions.

  25. waynepehrson


  26. peterldavies

    Excellent report with actionable task list. Will use this seller again.

  27. haakank

    Very good!

  28. awaller48088

    Excellent work!

  29. addae001

    good delivery of audit.

  30. sexyseobacklink

    Seller started communicating with me 1 day before the due date and requested for an extension due to software malfunction. I’d expect this type of experience from a normal Fiverr gig but not Fiverr Pro.

  31. explored

    Comprehensive SEO report with advice to increase performance.

  32. yadsdpc

    Excellent service.

  33. mak3lemonad3

    Quick and efficient – they did what they promised, on time.

  34. daleblasius

    Fast and easy to work with

  35. bryanbreslov

    The project was delivered on time as promised even during the holidays.

  36. emilmikamika

    Great job!

  37. wwtherapy

    Thanks for this valuable information!

  38. itsbee

    Thorough and detailed report provided. Great work.

  39. busiconsult

    Lost of great information and ways to help my website. Thank you!

  40. anzecokl

    Very nice to work with

  41. evgenybelyaev

    So far these guys have been the best. Loved working with them.

  42. saxon0331

    Very communicative, and did a great job. I received the report earlier than I expected. Thank you!

  43. jarrett831

    Fantastic report! Very detailed and saved me from doing it!

  44. hwiltzen

    Very comprehensive todo list was easy to follow and implement.

  45. zenichanin

    Great SEO report with a lot of actionable tips to keep us busy for a while. Thanks!

  46. alisonmaples

    They delivered exactly what I needed. I have a ton of information to go through and a lot of work to now do, so I cannot fully confirm how helpful this will be in the end, but it looks like super helpful information. The final file is very detailed with directions on what needs to be updated, and then they included an excel list of the things I need to fix, a summary of the information in the full file. This is super helpful and if I have additional SEO needs, I know where to turn.

  47. butter14

    Seller served a mostly automated report on various problems with my website. Some information very helpful, some not. This is a SEO audit- so don’t expect competitor analysis or other “extras”.

  48. jimcookfoodgood

    Nothing really revolutionary in the report. Not really tailored to recipes and my specific needs. Recommendations were more for the reader and less for the search engine. Not sure I got what I really wanted.

  49. dakkone

    I would definitely recommend, great experience and fast service!

  50. ngameesports

    The service was excellent. The project was completed quickly and with precise. Thanks

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