Facebook Ads – Standard

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$450.00 / month

We will build your Facebook Ads campaign and manage spend up to $1,000 per month.

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We’ll take your inputs from our (very) detailed intake form and get to work. We’ll find best-possible targeting and build a campaign to drive ideal traffic. We’ll provide two (or more) ad copy variations for review. Once you approve, we set live for you. Then we’ll manage and optimize the campaigns for the remainder of the month!

78 reviews for Facebook Ads – Standard

  1. stephinjacob

    This media group is very talented! They scaled my store 3x by bringing in quality traffic and utilizing retargeting campaigns and other platforms. They are also really good at design, Great quality work with outstanding communication! If you want to scale your business or venture – I highly recommend you work with them! Amazing results! 5/5

  2. bigcookie

    Best gig we ever purchased on Fiverr!

  3. hiltonnapagm


  4. rigogomez

    They delivered on their skill set for lead generation. My budget was $1500 for 3 days and they came in at roughly $5 a lead at 227 leads. This was under budget and on time. I would definitely recommend them in the future.

  5. paralumanmedia

    Think I’m confused about how Facebook works so this was a little hard for me.

  6. colpetnanny

    Heaviside did a great job with our FB advertising. They were knowledgeable and timely in communicating. We had more webinar registrations at a lower CPL than we were expecting. We will definitely use again.

  7. marinathompson

    Very responsive, thoughtful and engaged seller.

  8. cliffgager

    Great team!

  9. maarten1108

    You definitely notice the difference between PRO gigs and non pro gigs! This is worth any penny. Amd PRO they We keep in touch guys! Thanks for helping out!

  10. bevel737

    This seller is great to work with. Did everything that was asked of them. Would highly recommend. 5 stars ***** !!!

  11. bhogueb

    Good communication, good delivery, I will be buying again.

  12. cliffgager

    Definitely a winner seller!!! GREAT team, Great fast delivery!

  13. rcomer3

    We wanted to generate leads on Facebook but we didn’t see any results from it so we decided to turn it off and go a different direction.

  14. acrj1000

    Looks like they did a great job

  15. juliechavanu

    Really PRO level. Communication has been great, they answered all my questions, ads delivered on time. Waiting for results (they are monitoring/optimizing ads too), but at this point, I feel confident that they will deliver on it. I’m relieved to know the ads are set up correctly and that pro’s are optimizing them. Thanks!

  16. yyarkony

    Easy Going A++

  17. davefortson

    It was a good experience.

  18. creacrea

    Expediated my order and has great communication. I’ll be working with Heaviside for the foreseeable future!

  19. andybica

    Great communication and top notch service. Waiting to see some conversion now!

  20. tatih53

    Great communication with easy to follow instructions. Haven’t seen any results yet but so far so good.

  21. dom747

    I’m happy with the result, the professionally created Facebook ads are all now sitting in my Ads Manager ready for me to launch. I also learned a few things about facebooks ads in the process.

  22. samgluz

    Everything is great for now. Now we will see the results of the campaign. Would like to have more frequent responses. Thank you!

  23. christopher_fiv

    My experience was good to satisfactory, but not excellent. The team replies to questions quickly and thoroughly. Seems knowledgeable and extended the gig to accommodate delays in the start date. The team needs to communicate more proactively: outline a plan, share progress, and offer suggestions. I found a glaring tracking issue at the end.

  24. pjames909

    Created a super basic ad and no communication through the process. $250 down the drain.

  25. nicoskills

    Very Pro and Great Experience.

  26. bjcook

    This is the first time I’ve hired a Pro. I hope to grow my business with Heavisidegroup since I appreciated their expert assessment of my business prior to the order and the excellent level of customer support during the delivery of my order. They’ve outlined our next steps and I’m confident my company will grow with their management.

  27. bedor1aj

    Needed help with expert level Facebook Ad Campaigns. Communication was fantastic as I had LOTS of questions! They guided me through every step.

  28. boxwell

    Great communication with these professional guys. The ads are promising, hopefully they bring the expected results. 100% recommended!

  29. zendercage

    Looking forward to see Advertisement results

  30. danielmang

    Good experience! The campaign was just created so the jury’s still out on how effective it is!

  31. jimmykaushal

    It was my first time going with a pro gig. I must you I can’t wait to see what the results would look like but from Communication, Service, it is top notch. They delivered it on time. As i said can’t wait to see the results.

  32. nick092180

    getting closer to the proper audiences

  33. jamanza

    I like they are open to review and optimize my FB campaign. This is very important since a FB campaign needs constant review and adjustment.

  34. nicolelaskin

    Unfortunately the review system is not set up for a month long contract , we just entered into the Gig and it will last a month , you can only leave a review during the first 3 days while it starts . I have not seen anything yet but I am hopeful – again the gig just started – I would have loved to leave one when this is finished

  35. skothapally2217

    The Campaigns are ready….Yet to see results Fingers crossed as this is my First Ad campaign,

  36. laurenttravo

    Top! 5 stars

  37. rahulbodat

    Great communication, easy to work with..looking forward to good results

  38. islandboy1492

    Great experience!

  39. pmetodiev

    Highly recommended seller! Thank you!

  40. g33ksify

    First time shop owner, they are very easy to work with even for odd projects 😀

  41. iselafelix

    Response never received, late completion and no guidance or response to my questions, not customer service oriented for sure.

  42. lahnimarketing

    Heaviside group was awesome. I only didn’t give full 5 stars because I didn’t get very much out of the Facebook marketing, which I think is just hard to do (there isn’t really a Call to Action when you’re just scrolling through the feed.) All the work and communication with Heaviside group was superb. I recommend them for SEO work and Google Ads!

  43. colpetnanny

    Heaviside is our go-to vendor for Facebook Ads.

  44. lukold

    Communication was on point and delivered as advertised. Recommended!

  45. posledam

    Super super super experience! Will work with you again!

  46. seanmares

    communicated with us to get the job completed.

  47. danielvasquez

    Great job on the execution.

  48. isaacsheu

    Did what they said, ads looks great, bringing traffic and conversions. Would recommend.

  49. jacksondoyle

    Great Work!

  50. maverickrenovat

    Very knowledgeable about Facebook Marketing, will work with again.

  51. colpetnanny

    This is our third campaign with Heaviside. They’re always professional and very easy to work with. We’ll be using them for our next campaign.

  52. whoisbryanclark

    pro seller meet my expectations.

  53. nemperez

    The team did a good job creating the Facebook ads with targeting as promised. The graphics & copy were OK but I’m now able to build my own campaign with the new information they provided.

  54. uplift2017

    The seller performed an excellent job! The communication was outstanding, and the ads themselves were creative and compelling. The seller delivered a terrific job promptly and earlier than expected and we are seeing engagement on our site. Also, the seller leaves a list of tips at the end of the gig-we look forward to ordering another gig with this

  55. shtrguy

    Very professional and very responsive!

  56. rigogomez

    I purchased this gig for lead generation! This was my second time purchasing and they always over-deliver! Thank you guys!

  57. lngrillot

    Very easy to work with. Professional and responsive.

  58. jpenterprizes

    These guys were very helpful with giving me an ad with multiple different copies for optimization. They also gave me great advice applying towards how to keep the ads running well. I will definitely buy from Heaviside group again, hopefully for their ad management service as well as their ad creation.

  59. huynhkimberly

    helped me through all my snags

  60. opnrates

    Very professional, excellent communication, and most important exceeded my expectations.

  61. shanedurkan100

    Thanks that great

  62. alawliet

    Excellent communication and copywriting. Ads were detailed and well-done.

  63. jcondosh2182

    Thank you for help. I now believe it’s time for SEO.

  64. jpac123

    Did a good job! Thanks again!

  65. yoshiokakaito

    Working with them was very efficient. Data and results oriented. Really recommend them.

  66. gagnefel

    Great service

  67. nicksheridan1

    Heavyside were great to work with. Good communicators and no-fuss delivery of the services as promised. I would recommend.

  68. fatihkecelioglu

    Professional work with high quality copy and images for FB ads. Everthing was timely and delivered with great care. Looking forward to work with them again.

  69. mignonyoung

    Very professional and we liked the ads. Phone consult was very helpful.

  70. jakemaddock

    Good but i want more

  71. jerspar81

    I felt like they were helping me before I even pulled the trigger on the gig. I don’t know what good ads look like but I feel confident that Heavisidegroup does. The initial help and attention to detail combined with prompt communication made me feel comfortable enough to upgrade my package so they could manage it for 30 days.

  72. gut_feeling

    Thank you for the management of my Facebook Ads. Really great work went into the campaign and we obtained good results for the cost per landing page views. Great communication and very knowledgeable. i hope to work with you again soon.

  73. milcaguadalupe

    It was a very good experience. I appreciate their patience and hard work.

  74. jacksum

    They did manage the ad campaign on fb as promised …. although we didn’t see any sales they did do their part in running the ads and managing them as promised .

  75. socialdesigners

    Another month with heavisidegroup and I’m very happy with their work!

  76. driftersldn

    Really diligent and patient, thank you so much!

  77. jeffersonlew232

    You did an amazing job

  78. campuscommon

    This is the second time we worked with Heaviside and they are always professional and responsive. Appreciate the work and effort.

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